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JB servera komandas + info [ENG]

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Using this command Simon can talk over every player.

If other player is talking and Simon start using this command, that player will be muted until Simon stop talking.

say /simon

The first player to use this command will be Simon.

That player gets a green glow.

say /nomic

This command is for Guards that don't have microphone.

Using this command, the player will be switched to prisoners team without dying.

say /open

Only for Simon. Open cells.

say /fd

This command is for Guards and brings a Freeday menu

You can select freeday for a player or for the day (all players)

Freeday players will have a green model

say /box

This command is for Guards at it starts Box mode in the current round.

This mode enables friendly fire over prisoners. In some JB maps you can find a boxing ring. Let prisoners kill themselves there!

say /help

This command brings a hud message with useful commands

say /duel

This command is for the last Prisoner and bring a menu to choose an option of last request 


Gameplay Management

Simon Role

If a guard wants to be simon (using /simon command), the name of that guard will be shown on screen.

If Simon gets killed, some alert will be shown to allow other guards take his role.

Revolt alert

If some prisoner attacks a guard, an alarm will be started until a guard stops him.


Prisoners doesn't have flashlight! They are imprisoned!

Wanted alert

If some prisoner kills a guard, a wanted list will be shown until that prisoner gets killed.


Guards can’t buy/get HE Grenades


There’re six options for last request

Freeday at next round

Free random gun

Box duel

Pistols (deagle) duel

Scounts duel

Grenade duel


There’re different models for freeday (green), wanted (red) and Simon

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